Lichen & Limestone


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“Night fell over the sea, painting the Marigold black except for the white sails stretched against the dark, clouded sky. The stars and moon hid, giving no sign of where the sea ended and the sky began, and I liked the feeling. Like we were floating in the air. The west wind was warm, finding its way onto the ship before it ran back to the wake on the water behind us.”

― Adrienne Young, Fable

Salt Water, Teakwood, Pyre

All candles are made using a soy/veggie wax blend, wood wicks, and phalate free fragrances.

Candles Sizes: 
- 9oz & 4 oz: Clear glass jars with black lids and are the natural color of the wax (unless otherwise stated). 
-11oz Tumblers: Glass jars with flat metal lids (color of jar and glass stated in product description) 

*Warning: Never leave candles unattended. Burn in clear open areas. Keep away from flammable objects, children and pets.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply shortages because of the pandemic, some candles may have a black plastic lid in place of the usual black metal lid.