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Baba Yaga

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Blue Spruce, Cinnamon, Moss
(Spruce,  Cinnamon, Cypress, Moss, Pine, Cedar)

Wandering into the woods can lead to encounters with wondrous creatures. Deep within the trees, beings of light or dark thrive within the snow. This Winter, you traveled into the woods and came upon a small hut with Baba Yaga inside. As you enter the chicken-legged hut, you smell the woodsy scent of Blue Spruce paired with Cinnamon and fresh moss. This candle is available in 9oz clear jars or 11 Amber glass tumblers.

All candles are made using a soy/veggie wax blend, wood wicks, and phalate free fragrances.

Candles Sizes and Descriptions: 
- 9oz Glass Jars: Clear glass jars with black metal twist on lids, the wax color is always a natural white (unless otherwise stated in the description) 
- NEW! 11 oz Glass Jars: Straight sided jars with a black metal flat lid, the wax color is always a natural white (unless otherwise stated in the description)  

*WARNING: Never leave candles unattended. Burn in clear open areas. Keep away from flammable objects, children and pets. Before burning a wood wick candle for the first time, ALWAYS trim the wick to roughly 1/8 of an inch.