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Wax Melts (All Types)

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Each wax melt bar has 5 pieces that snap a part easily and can be used in any home wax melter. As each piece melts away, the unique colors blend and a hidden shimmer begins to appear. Adding a bit of magic to every melt. 

Use 1 piece at a time in any wax melter for hauntingly beautiful fragrance. Each wax melt bar is individually wrapped and labeled. 

Wax Melt Blends:
Night Triumphant: Lemon Cakes, Black Sea, Starfall
Vampire Wine: Black Cherry, Strawberry Sangria, Pineapple
Poison Apple: Green Apples, Maple, Bourbon
Witching Hour: Dark Musk, Clove, Floral Bouquet
Dark Hearts: Black Raspberry, Pistachio Cakes, Romance Novels
Nocturnal Novels: Cafe Mocha, Dark Chocolate, Moonlit Pages


All wax melts are poured using a soy/veggie/food grade paraffin wax blend and phalate free fragrances.

*Warning: Never leave candles or wax melters unattended. Burn in clear open areas. Keep away from flammable objects, children and pets. Before burning a wood wick candle for the first time, ALWAYS trim the wick to roughly 1/8 of an inch.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to supply shortages over the past year, some candles may have a black plastic lid in place of the usual black metal lid.