The Lichen & Limestone Story

Lichen & Limestone Company, Illuminating the Unusual

At Lichen & Limestone, we find the beautiful in the unusual, the magic in the macabre, and comfort in the bizarre. If you are like us, you feel at home with the strange. We are constantly inspired by books, movies, and folklore. Our candles are crafted to transport you to the enchanted worlds inspired by the most unforgettable stories. L&L's brand aesthetic is also inspired by the moody Victorian era. All labels feature line work, flourishes, and typography that are inspired by the essence of this time period. As you journey around our site and become familiar with our brand, you'll be sure to encounter, Eleanor, our magical hand. The small flame in her hand symbolizes the magic anyone is sure to experience by losing  themselves in a good story. Our candles are a way to give the spark to each one of you, and to help you capture a little magic.

Hi, I’m Gretchen: Artist and Candlemaker - For as long as I can remember, I’ve been drawn to the unusual. Drawn to stories full of whimsical characters, fantastic worlds, and a touch of the bizarre. These fantastic tales of myths and legends have been the inspiration for my art which now has expanded into making candles and other unique products. Follow me on this journey of the strange, the mystical, and perhaps capture a bit of magic for yourself.