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Haunted - Perfume Oil

Haunted - Perfume Oil

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Our perfume oils are crafted with self care in mind and skin loving ingredients. Simple, clean ingredients create a product that is good for your skin while giving you a classic signature scent. Using perfume oils also have a scent that lasts longer without drying out your skin. Try one of our coconut oil based perfume oils today! 

Crafted with:
- Coconut Oil (non- greasy oil that hydrates your skin)
- Phalate-Free Fragrance (a signature scent that you can feel good about) 

Hamunaptra Scent Profile 
Top Notes: Cinnamon Bark
Middle Notes: Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose
Base Notes: Sheer Musk, Black Tea, Patchouli


- Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Phalate-Free fragrance Oil

- Packaged in matte black glass bottles with roller balls for easy application


Perfume Bottles:
- 3.30 inch x 0.70 in glass bottles

- 10 ml capacity

- Stainless Steel roller balls

Product Notes

- Always test new skin care products on a small patch of skin before full use

- Coconut oil is great for skin hydration, absorbs easily, and does not leave the skin feeling greasy.

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